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And even however, it is not only today’s president, but Congressional Republicans who are standing in the technique for achieving the national goal that the White House established itself. That’s going to demand leadership and unity. In his own words: We have to pass a national plan to make sure every American can get tested and get treatment at any point in time. – during a phone call on COVID 19, May 7, 2024 “And in this particular pandemic, the one greatest obstacle facing us to be a nation is to make certain that we have enough health care capacity, testing and also tracing installed before we proceed in to the subsequent stage.

What’s Dan Helmer‘s platform? His platform claims that the proper way to decreased drug charges is to negotiate them directly. Additionally, he thinks overall health care expenses are extremely high which families are increasingly being harmed by not being able to afford or receive proper care. Additionally, he feels that the pharmaceutical industry and also health insurance companies need to have much better regulations to prevent monopolies and abuses of power.

He favors Medicare for all as the initial step to ensuring universal health care and he also favors decreasing the price of prescription drugs. Helmer said Republicans do nothing about climate change, and also the environment is suffering the effects. Helmer’s campaign says the problems most important to him are health care, education and also climate change. Helmer advocates for making college less expensive, so that most students are able to graduate with no debt. He supports building back better, which would concentrate on jobs which are green and infrastructure.

In addition, he believed Republicans have ignored the problem in their climate change policies. He said every pupil should have a chance to access affordable four-year degrees at institutions that are public which those students that visits private schools should be able to transfer credits to a public faculty or get other help when paying off the student loans of theirs. As a Marine veteran, Helmer believes that universal health care will be the best way to make certain veterans and their families get the proper care.

He favors the Green New Deal, which regularly strives to combat climate change through governing administration investment in energy which is renewable. We should decrease the federal debt and create extended tasks for our families and high schoolers, not merely for 1 day however for a lifetime. I feel that we need to invest a minimum of 1/3 of the cash every year for two years on jobs and education so the cash won’t remain in federal hands.

– Dan feels that a female must be allowed to manage the own body of her, and he’s confident that the Governor may be the right leader to ensure that Virginia protects female’s rights.